Mark McCracken
Mark McCracken

9-18-101 Tachibana Chou, Leopalace Arufu 101, Higashi Osaka 579-8023
Phone 050-5806-0515 (Japan Skype Number)
Cell Phone 070-1065-9237 (Japan cell) (primary) (back up) (back up)
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  • Master of Arts in Education (M.Ed.) in Adult Education and Distance Learning, University of Phoenix. GPA 3.89/4.00
  • Bachelor of Arts, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois, USA.
  • TEFL Certificate and Certificate in Teaching Business English (170-hour) ITTT - International TEFL and TESOL Training.
  • Japanese Language Program, YWCA Senmon Gakko, Osaka, Japan.
Corporate Training

24 years experience. Able to adapt training to either stand and deliver detailed content, or employ adult learning theories to facilitate group learning experiences.
  • Finance Trainer - Taught financial concepts including the time value of money, annuities, perpetuities, kinds of interest rates, future value of an uneven cash flow, probability distribution, standard deviation, the capital asset pricing model, the security market line, bond valuation, stock valuation, the cost of capital, the balance sheet, and capital balancing. Clients included Procter & Gamble Far East, Inc., Kobe, Japan, and Goldman Sachs, Osaka, Japan.
  • Accounting Trainer - Taught accounting concepts including GAAP, the balance sheet, the income statement, and double entry accounting, and taking a trial balance.
  • English Language Trainer - Taught a wide variety of ESL and Business English classes. Vendors included Sumikin-Intercom, Excel International, The Japan Times, Century Educational Services, ALC, CTS, Interschool,and TCLC, Osaka, Japan. Formats included:
    • 9 three-day intensives
    • 9 four-day intensives
    • 16 five-day intensives
    • 1 eight-day pre-departure group intensive
    • 3 ten-day freshman intensives
    • 1 55-hour man-to-man pre-departure intensive
    • 1 fifteen-day pre-departure intensive
  • Full-Time English Instructor and Translator (Procter and Gamble, Akashi) Made strategic changes to training program aligning local training goals and measurements with corporate training goals - numerically measuring student improvement, relevance and application of training to each employee's job. Assessed business-based educational needs, created instructional material, organized training dates and facilities, conducted training in both physical and virtual classrooms, created interactive HTML-based tutorial programs, edited technical manufacturing and managerial documents, assisted in preparing immigration documents for intra-company transferees, created and delivered specialized courses for medical staff, warehouse management, and line workers.
  • Standardized Test Preparation Trainer - Taught TOEFL, TOEIC, and SAT test preparation classes.
  • Instructional Design - Developed new training materials including a four-week intensive English program for Sumikin-Intercom, Osaka Japan. Able to perform needs analysis, create measurable performance objectives, determine performance gap, consult with special material experts to create learning materials for online or classroom delivery, evaluate material effectiveness and alter materials as needed to improve return on training investment.
Sales Management

2 years full-time experience. Sears and Roebuck Co., Phoenix, Arizona and Odessa, Texas, USA. Accountable for gross profit, sales volume, and motivation, evaluation, training and management of 15 salespeople. Managed reconstruction of sales area resulting in 10% sales increase. Won cash award for first place in district sales contest. Annual area sales volume - $3.8 million.

Japanese English Translation and Rewriting
  • Rewriting - Able to take poorly constructed and unclear sentences written by native Japanese translators and rewrite them into clear, concise, understandable English. Material included annual reports, operation manuals, maintenance manuals, sales brochures, and business letters. Vendors include Business Associates Co., Ltd., in Tokyo, PROV in Tokyo, Crossroads in Osaka, and Intergroup in Osaka.
  • Translator - Able to translate digital text from Japanese to English.
Japanese Language Ability 2-Kyu
  • Speaking - Able to give 20-minute prepared speeches and answer commonly asked questions on a specialized topic at a native Japanese speaker speed. Able to discuss any topic with occasional use of a dictionary. Able to translate simple instructions into English or Japanese at a fast pace.
  • Listening - Able to understand and participate in most day-to-day office conversations. Able to understand conversations on any specialized topic if given time to study vocabulary.
  • Reading - Able to read and understand Japanese digital text.
  • Writing - Able to write understandable, though non-native Japanese using a computer.
Japanese Hospitality Industry

(1500 hours of part-time employment, 2000 to 2007). Speaking only in Japanese, able to meet with high profile clients, confirm details, lead groups of up to 70 guests in activites. Able to confer with and direct hotel staff as necessary to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction. Clients included Hilton Hotel Osaka, Hankyu International Osaka, and Himeji Royal Classic.

  • Books
  • Magazines
    • "ATR Innovates," J@pan Inc. Magazine (January, 2004)
    • "Too Dangerous to Document?," J@pan Inc. Magazine (December, 2003)
    • "Young Japanese Men Pay Big Bucks for Vanity," J@pan Inc. Magazine (September, 2003)
    • "Robots That Can Follow the Bouncing Ball," J@pan Inc. Magazine (July, 2003)
    • "The Low Cost of Living in Japan," J@pan Inc. Magazine (May, 2003)
    • "日本語.com," J@pan Inc. Magazine (April, 2003)
    • "Feeding that Foreign TV Habit," J@pan Inc. Magazine (January, 2003)
    • "Drowning in Support?," J@pan Inc. Magazine (July, 2001)
    • "Besides Bit Valley," J@pan Inc. Magazine (September, 2000)
  • Movies
  • Television
    • 2014 Image, Charlie, Massan, NHK, Osaka
    • 2014 Extra, U.S. Soldier, Gochisousan, NHK, Osaka
    • 2013 Voiceover, Core Kyoto, (2 episodes) NHK, Osaka.
    • 2012 Image, Missing Scientist, Takajin No Money, TVOsaka.
    • 2010 Lip Syncing, Legends of Business (1 episode), NHK, Osaka
    • 2009 Lip Syncing, Legends of Business (5 episodes), NHK, Osaka
    • 2008 Lip Syncing, Netchu Jikan (2 episodes), NHK, Osaka
    • 2008 Extra, Lieutenant Colonel, Shirasu Jiro, NHK, Osaka
    • 2008 Extra, US Military Police Sergeant, Nikutai no Mon, TV Asahi, Kyoto.
    • 2005 Extra,40-year old man, NHK Documentary - Sawamura Eiji. Nara, Japan.
  • Radio
    • 2006 Voice, "Arigato Hamamura Jun Desu", MBS, Osaka
    • 1996 to 2007 Voice, FM802, Osaka Japan, Occasional transitional voices and characters. Sample 1 2 3 4 5
    • 1995-1997 FM802 News Announcer, Osaka, Japan. Read English headline news live on-air. sample
    • 1996 Producer, Host, Arizona Home Watch, Radio Station KXAM, Phoenix, Arizona. sample
    • 1982 to 1984 Radio Announcer, Radio Station WDGC, Downers Grove Illinois.
  • Internet
  • Commercial, Industrial and Promotional Videos
    • 2018 Voice, Takara Shuzo Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2018 Voice, Koshin Promotional Video, Kyoto
    • 2018 Voice, Shimadzu Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2018 Voice, Nagoya University School of Informatics Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2017 Voice, Yanmar Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2016 Voice, Oribest Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2016 Voice, H2O Retailing Corporation Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2015 Voice, Nichia Coporation Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2015 Voice, Obayashi Corporation Promotional Video, Okayama
    • 2015 Voice, K-MIX+ Promotional Video, Takamatsu
    • 2014 Voice, Kyocera Document Solutions Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2014 Voice, Iwatani Corporation Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2014 Voice, Nissho Corporation Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2014 Voice, Obayashi Corporation Promotional Video, Okayama
    • 2014 Voice, Angel Playing Cards Promotional Video, Kyoto.
    • 2014 Voice, Qualicaps Promotional Video, Kyoto.
    • 2014 Voice, Koshin Promotional Video, Kyoto
    • 2014 Voice, Coretec Promotional Video, Osaka
    • 2013 Voice, Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology Video, Osaka
    • 2013 Vocal Alarm, Patlight, Osaka
    • 2013 Voice, Osaka University Video, Osaka.
    • 2013 Voice, Tantai Sentai Ren Ranger Commercial, Osaka (more)
    • 2013 Voice, Everloy Shoji, Co., Ltd. Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2013 Voice, Angel Playing Cards Promotional Video, Kyoto.
    • 2013 Voice, Kansai International Airport Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2013 Voice, Osaka International Airport Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2013 Voice, Fuji Honing Industries Ltd. Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2013 Voice, Oribest Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2013 Voice, Koshin Promotional Video, Kyoto.
    • 2012 Voice, Kanazawa Institute of Technology Video. Osaka.
    • 2012 Voice, Koshin Promotional Video, Kyoto.
    • 2012 Voice Actor, Father, Nestle Animation Project, Osaka.
    • 2012 Voice, Panasonic Khon Kaen Factory Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2012 Voice, Panasonic Industrial Devices Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2012 Voice, Panasonic Cordless Tools Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2012 Voice, Ibaraki City Environment and Hygiene Center Waste Treatment Plant Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2011 Voice, Hyogo Hyoban Corporation Promotional Video, Osaka.
    • 2011 Voice, Kogasaki Incineration Facility Promotional Video, Okayama.
    • 2011 Voice, Toyota Dealership Training Video, Osaka.
    • 2011 Voice, Takisawa Machine Tool Promotional Video, Okayama.
    • 2011 Voice, Diamond Electric Promotional Video, Kyoto.
    • 2010 Voice, Crestmuse Project Promotional Video, Osaka. Sample: 1 2
    • 2010 Voice, Osaka University Educational Video, Osaka
    • 2009 Voice, CTC-Japan Corporate Video, Osaka
    • 2008 Voice, GTR Tech Promotional DVD, Kyoto, Japan.
    • 2007 Voice, From A and From A Navi commercial, Osaka, Japan.
    • 2001 Voice, Koa Oil Company Ltd. Corporate Video, Osaka Japan
    • 2000 Voice, Tokusen Engineering Corporate Video, Osaka Japan
    • 2000 Voice, NeoGeo Pocket Audio's MP3 Demonstration, Osaka Japan
    • 1995 Actor, Foreign Businessman, Promotional Video, Tsuka-hon, Osaka, Japan. view
    • 1988 and 1989 Producer, Promotional Video - Procter and Gamble, Ft. Myers, Florida.
    • 1987 Actor, Student, AT&T Promotional Video, Peoria, Illinois.
    • 1986 Actor, Husband, Television Commercial, Steigers Furniture, Pekin, Illinois. view
    • 1986 Actor, Son, Television and Radio Commercial, Pekin Memorial Hospital, Pekin, Illinois.
  • Live Events
    • 2001 Presenter, Hello Kitty Gakuin, Asian Trade Center Hall, Osaka Japan.


Japan-American Society of Osaka.

  • Japan - Working Visa - Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Service until December 2024
  • United States - United States Citizen

Other Things I've Done:
  • Flown 508,717 miles, (map) including 57 trips across the Pacific Ocean.
  • Passed through immigration 90 times
  • Rang in the year 2000 in New York's Times Square
  • Walked over the Bridge Over the River Kwai


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