ICU - INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITYは、東京都三鷹市にある大学で、国際的な教育を提供しています。この大学は、多くの学生たちが参加し、高い教育水準と国際的な環境で知られています。


ICU - INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITYに入学するには、高いTOEFLスコアが必要です。ICUの授業はすべて英語で行われるため、高い英語能力が必要とされます。TOEFLスコアだけが入学に必要なものではありませんが、高いスコアを取得することは、入学において有利に働くことがあります。


ICU - INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY is a university located in Mitaka City, Tokyo, offering an international education. The university is known for its high student enrollment, high academic standards and international environment.

The ICU program has several advantages. For example, many programs are taught in English, allowing students from different cultural backgrounds to study together. ICU also provides education that focuses on self-development and social contribution. By receiving a wide-ranging liberal arts education, students can gain diverse perspectives and use them for personal growth.

A high TOEFL score is required to enter ICU - INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY. All classes at ICU are conducted in English, so a high level of English proficiency is required. A TOEFL score is not the only requirement for admission, but having a high score can give you an admission advantage.

ICU is a university that provides an international environment in which students with different cultural backgrounds can study together, and that can be used for personal growth through a wide range of liberal arts education. ICU is doing everything in its power to support the growth of its students.

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